Marpe, Kaner prove

bipartisan ways work

I am enthusiastically voting for Jim Marpe for first selectman in November. Jim was a successful businessman and management consultant, and he parlayed those skills, following his retirement, to become an extremely effective and trusted public servant. Jim is a true consensus builder, and I value the more than seven years we served Westport together on the Board of Education. I saw how he worked, I saw his compassion, I saw results. Jim makes things happen.

Jim and I built the model for bipartisan management of the board. With that collaboration, the board had none of the partisan bickering seen on other boards in town. I am happy to say that Avi Kaner followed that same bipartisan model when he became chairman of the Board of Finance by supporting a Democrat as vice chairman.

I worked with Avi over the years and found that he, too, was a consensus builder. Avi, like Jim, is a strong supporter of our schools. In fact, Avi forced me to be a more effective chairman of the Board of Education by insisting that I benchmark our schools against other towns, and we were better for it.

I know Jim will lead our town with wisdom, integrity, and, as he likes to say, a promise to "not let Westport move from great to good."

I ask you to support Jim and Avi. As a life-long Democrat, I don't take that request lightly. I just believe very strongly in their capabilities.

Don O'Day