I am the vice-president of Westport Baseball and Softball (and in the interest of full disclosure, I was appointed this year to the Westport Parks and Recreation Comission).

The Westport Parks and Recreation Department's maintainance staff is second to none. Westport was one of five town's hosting a 13-team softball tournament on Oct. 21. After soaking rains the previous day, we opened our fields at 9 a.m., although three of the four other towns could not.

Tim Burke and Dan Divito, under the leadership of Stuart McCarthy, deliver at a very high level. We are often complimented by our opponents for how well we do this. Tim summonded a crew back when he decided the townhall fields were not in good enough shape.

There was no additional cost to the town, just a great group that want to do things right. I want to remind our own families how fortunate we are to have the dedicated staff we do.

Steve Axthelm