Jonathan Steinberg is our State Representative in the 136th District, and Toni Boucher is our State Senator in the 26th District. Toni is a Republican, Jonathan a Democrat. Both are running for re-election.

Both are engaging and engaged. Both work very hard. Both are extremely accessible and responsive to inquiries from constituents. Both do their homework. Toni is committed to efforts to protect and improve the environment and to address education issues. Jonathan is similarly suportive in these areas and is also active on transit matters.

Jonathan is especially focused on Westport. Both are pro-choice. Both have served us well and both deserve to be re-elected. Unlike in national politics, political party affiliation is far less important to local and state issues. Nearly all local Westport issues are resolved other than along party lines. I am fortunate to have an opportunity to vote for a Democrat and a Republican whom I admire. Westport will be well served by the re-election of Toni Boucher and Jonathan Steinberg.

Don Bergmann