On May 18, delegates to the Republican State Nominating Convention will meet in Hartford to endorse candidates for the U.S. Congress. I strongly urge those delegates from the 4th Congressional District to support Steve Obsitnik for U.S. Congress.

Steve Obsitnik is an entrepreneur, a small business CEO, a U.S. Navy veteran, and an educator. He is also the best candidate to go up against Democrat incumbent Jim Himes in November. Our country is facing a fiscal crisis, and we need our Representatives in Congress to be leaders, not followers. They must be willing to step up and solve real problems to put our nation on the right track. Steve's experience both in the private sector and the military are proof of his leadership ability. We need also an advocate for the taxpayers of the 4th District to ensure that Washington reins in wasteful spending and instead starts enacting policies that will help grow the economy and create jobs. Steve Obsitnik understands what America's small businesses need to get people working again, and he is committed to getting results.

Steve Obsitnik is the right choice for the Republican Party, and he is our best chance to defeat Jim Himes this fall. I urge the delegates to the Republican Nominating Convention to support Steve Obsitnik on May 18, and all 4th District voters to support Steve in November.

Kate Kirby