As a result of redistricting, part of Westport this November will have a chance to vote for a great, new State Representative. Her name is Gail Lavielle, and we would be fortunate to have one of the smartest, most energetic, and responsive legislators in Westport's corner. Gail represents the 143rd District, which includes Wilton and parts of Westport and Norwalk. She has done a great job for Wilton and Norwalk and will do a great job for Westporters as well.

Gail has an impressive resume and all the right credentials and experience. She has a bachelor of arts degree Cornell, a master of arts from Yale and an MBA from UConn. Gail has extensive experience in the fields of finance, marketing and communication with over 25 years experience in executive leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies. She knows the real world of business in a way that so many in Hartford sadly do not.

Gail is currently well-positioned on key General Assembly committees important to Westport, including appropriations, education and transportation. Before her election to the General Assembly, Gail was very active in public service on the state and municipal levels. In addition to serving on the Wilton Board of Finance Gail was a member of CT Public Transportation Commission, the Advisory Council for Professional Standards for School Administrators, the Governor's Task Force on Railroad Parking and a founding member of the Norwalk River Valley Trail Steering Committee.

Gail is a constant blur of activity in her unceasing efforts to make Connecticut's government more responsive, less costly and more efficient. Gail understands that our state government's taxing and spending is out of control. Gail knows that Connecticut needs to create a fertile climate for jobs, reduce the tax burden on citizens businesses, and municipalities and make our state a more competitive place to live, work and retire.

Gail Lavielle is exactly who Westport needs in Hartford representing our town and promoting fiscally responsible positions. Let's re-elect Gail Lavielle for State Representative in the 143rd district.

Dewey Loselle