We are writing in support of Denise Torve of The Westport Coalition for Planning and Zoning Commission. As she is our mom, (even though we spell our names differently) we are biased, but we know she is an excellent choice. She will bring a clear voice and thoughtful ideas to the commission.

Our mom has often spoken about her attachment to Westport, how much she loves living here, and the many benefits it offers its residents. As young kids, it was hard for us to always agree with her, and she worked hard to make sure we remained in Westport. As we've gotten older, we have all come to appreciate everything that Westport offers and we hope, one day, to be able to raise our families here.

Our mom is a people person who enjoys raising issues and exchanging ideas with others so that an excellent idea emerges from the discussion. Although mom says she was born a registered Democrat, she is running with The Westport Coalition ub an effort to bring a non-partisan approach to the commission, with the goal of maintaining and improving the quality of life that Westport offers, for young and old(er).

Daniel Torv, Ariella Torv


Joshua Torv

Hallandale, Fla.