The following letter was sent to Assessor Paul Friia, and a copy submitted to the Westport News for publication.

My wife and I are writing in appreciation of the revaluation process that you have established for the Oct. 1, 2015, Grand List.

We have received timely notices at each step of the process from your office and from Vision Government Solutions (VSG). We have been able to use the VSG website to understand the appeals process and to access facts about our property and neighboring properties.

You and your office (Colleen Pratt) have also provided us with timely information when we have requested it. The VSG on-site inspector and the VSG appeals officer have been courteous and efficient.

At a time when many citizens are losing faith in government officials, it is rewarding to know that our town has accomplished and capable professionals whose leadership skills demonstrate what good governance means.

Hector J. Motroni