I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Brett Aronow's candidacy for the Westport Board of Education. Westport is fortunate to have so many people of accomplishment willing to devote their time to unpaid positions that are vital to the success of our town. Brett is a stand-out choice among those offering their service on the Board of Education.

Brett, the mother of three children in our school system, is a highly intelligent person with strong academic credentials, interesting work experience and a record of devotion to volunteer assignments around Westport focused on improving children's educational experiences.

Brett has an exceptional work ethic and is fair-minded and open to opposing points of view. She has modest approach that many people with the same impressive achievements often lack. I have known her for 10 years and worked with her on PTA soards and TEAM Westport. She digs into the details. She is analytical, reliable, likeable and even-handed. She already has shown her value on the Board of Education, agreeing to fill a mid-term vacancy.

The success of our town is never assured. It is a constant civic experiment that depends upon the competence, integrity and civility of the people within our community whom we elect to serve. For this reason, I urge everybody to vote. And for this reason, when you go to the polls I hope you will select Brett Aronow for the Board of Education.

Maggie Mudd