Letter: Add toilets at beach, subtract out-of-towners

I applaud the idea that Compo Beach will be given a facelift. It does need some modernizing.

Most importantly, we need a couple of real bathrooms on the side of the beach with the picnic tables and grills. Those port-a-potties are disgusting, breed disease, and need to be done away with. The housing should be air conditioned and have at least four bathrooms, two for women and two for men. A part of the parking lot can easily be given over to them.

Also, we need to enforce a 15 mph speed limit all around the beach.

I would raise the daily and season fees for everyone who wants to use Compo who is not a Westport resident. It is far too crowded now with out-of-towers who can easily afford $50 a day. Make it $100 a day and discourage such high usage by out-of-towners. After all, there is an alternative at Sherwood Island. Compo should be primarily for Westporters. I know I sound curmudgeonly, however, something has to be done to cut down on the numbers.

Doris Forest