Twenty-five years ago the state closed the old Bridge Street bridge about a year for extensive repairs. A temporary bridge was put in place adjacent to the old so that people and vehicles could still cross the river at the same location.

After a few months it was realized that traffic was flowing so smoothly across the wider but temporary bridge, more safely and with little congestion, that the town asked the state if it were possible to convert the temporary bridge into a permanent one and scrap the old relic.

However, too much work had already been done on the old and, more to the point, the temporary bridge was not made to be permanent. We kept the old one.

Once again, the original structure — now named the William Cribari Bridge — has to be rebuilt or replaced and we are hearing the usual chorus to save the old one. To make this obsolete, unsafe, ugly and rusting structure into an antique with neither aesthetic nor practical value is absurd. The revived Saugatuck neighborhood — as well as the rest of our town — needs a wider, safer and more attractive bridge. It should have been done 25 years ago.

Jules Sprung