A lack of response

to Iran nuke column

Last month, Woody Klein wrote in his Westport News column about the approaches of President Obama and the Republican candidates to the Iran "nuclear weapons" issue. Woody also included his own perspectives. I had expected reader responses. So far there have been none. Possibly, that is a good thing.

Thoughtful dialogue on difficult issues usually is desirable, and Woody is always thoughtful. However, maybe the fact that no one chose to respond to Woody's column evidences the seriousness of the topic and a reluctance to engage in a "letter to the editor" format on a matter with many "hot button" aspects.

If so, I take that to be a reflection of an interest to assure the matter is addressed with intense seriousness, a seriousness that does not lend itself to aggressive confrontation. War is serious stuff. A first strike is serious stuff. Israel's well being is serious stuff. The death of people, whether in Iran, Israel or elsewhere in the Middle East, is serious stuff. I suggest that the absence of comments to Woody Klein's column reflects that seriousness. Given, the tendency for this topic to be incendiary, maybe that is a good thing.

Don Bergmann