We are sitting Planning and Zoning Commissioners. All Democrats and proud of the commission's accomplishments while we have served.

We are supporting the Coalition for Westpopt candidates for P&Z: Press, Torve and Payne. They represent the best choice to add fresh, dynamic thinking to keep Westport evolving in a positive direction.

In a bipartisan way, while we have been on the P&Z, the commission began the downtown revitalization, encouraged and approved regulation changes that promoted new restaurants all around Westport, increased outdoor dining, permitted athletic field lights at Staples High School and Saugatuck, and allowed the downtown redevelopment of the west side of the river in the historic district that has preserved, enlivened and embellished it.

Save Westport Now which in the past has been reluctant to pursue change creatively, is endorsing the Democrat line for the P&Z this November. If they were to be seated on the commission, all seven commissioners would be affiliated with Save Westport Now.

We all want to preserve Westport's unique character, but that does not mean going back to the 1950s.

We urge all voters, regardless of affiliation to keep Westport moving ahead by voting for the coalition candidates for the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Ron Corwin

Nora Jinishian

Howard Lathrop

Members, Planning and Zoning Commission