There are several qualities that are fleeting from today's modern day statesman. Integrity, diligence and the inherent skill set to get the job done. These are exactly the qualities that state Rep. Gail Lavielle possesses and uses in effortless harmony.

I have watched her since being elected tirelessly involved from the mundane to the most pressing issues of the day with an adroit sense of style. Her sincere interest, involvement and effectiveness for all that is Connecticut is one of the beacons of light that keep my wife and I here in the most highly taxed state in the United States.

The tax code that has been in effect since the 1990s, exacerbated by the current legislature, has effectively made Connecticut one of the five worst states to fiscally live and retire in. It was Rep. Lavielle, with proven multinational business experience, who co-wrote a budget alternative that did not necessitate new taxes. I believe it is imperative to the very existence of Connecticut, that bipartisan support be cast for this truly great woman.

Thomas M. Philippides