The Westport Town Clerk's office reports that the following property transfers took place between July 18 and 22:

40 Guyer Road, sold to Yang Wang and Jin Feng by Laura C. Trumbull, $490,000.

16 Woodhill Road, sold to Paul D. Levy Irrevocable Trust by Robert M. and Marya M. Moskowitz, $1,800,000.

3 Chelsea Court, sold to Jeffrey and Wendy Hunter by Craig J. and Michelle R. Brunet, $1,310,000.

26 Flower Farm Circle, sold to Stein-Erling and Stacey H. Brekke by Philip L. and Neryl Anne Lloyd, $1,515,000.

31 Imperial Ave., Unit 31, sold to GSC Properties LLC by MCP Imperial Ave. LLC, $1,300,000.

56 Easton Road, sold to 56 Easton Road 502 CCO LLC by MNP Properties LLC, $550,000.

157 Compo Road North, sold to Leslie A. Flinn by William O. and Ann K. Manzer, $665,000.

12 Woodcock Lane, sold to Gentry S. and Rhonda Quain Klein by Barney Trust, Jaclyn Levine, trustee, $1,576,500.

43 Compo Mill Cove, sold to Douglas and Andrea Eisenberg by Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, $700,000.

14 Jennings Court, sold to Michael Alpert and Ariana N. Napier by Neil G. Becker, $895,000.

1 Twin Oaks Lane, sold to Samuel Molina by Olga M. Lavaty Estate c/o Geoffrey A. Lavaty, $630,000.

2 Lantern Hill Road, sold to Hadi and Mahvash Fahimi by Alan H. and Erika L. Martin c/o David W. Hopper, $2,000,000.

3 Winding Lane, sold to Catrina L. and Timothy J. Hegarty by Gregory P. and Barbara J. Joseph, $1,070,000.

The total value of the above properties sold is $14,501,500, resulting in a convetance tax of $32,312.50.