The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk's Office between June 27-July 1:

Able Construction Inc. to Katharine and Brendan Ahern, 57 Bulkley Avenue North, $2,240,000

Benjamin and Elaine K. McCleary to Begkt LLC, 203 Wilton Road, $475,000

Robert A. and Henrietta K. Marcinuk to Sabin Builders LLC, $802,000, 10 Hunt Club Lane

18 Marion LLC to Lauren B. Braver 1997 Irrevocable Trust, 18 Marion Road, $2,285,000

Nataliya and Yevegny Yakushev to David Lipton, 2 Janson Drive, $766,000

William O Rockwood Jr. to Abby and Aaron Greenberger and Abraham and Shelly Rotbart, 1 Ulbrick Lane, $1,359,600

Matthew A. and Keren Gilbert to Ari and Clair Benmosche and Denise Benmosche, 38 Arlen Road, $1,853,500

Ruth A. Sommers, Trustee, to Lisa and Michael E. Finn, 6 Oak Ridge Park, $1,457,000

Jonathan and Deborah Evetts to Gediminas Keras and Giedre Kere, 5 Mills St., $535,000

Ellen M. and C. David East to Richard and Amy Horowitz, 86 North Ave., $1,650,000

Julie Smith to Rory Mullan, 100 North Ave., $1,027,500

Marjorie Lieberman to 107 Harbor LLC, 107 Harbor Road, $733,334

Jeffrey W. Milwe to 107 Harbor LLC, 107 Harbor Road, $733,334

Yasmin Marinaro and Marie Jodice to Matthew and Kristin K. Hoebermann, 11 Cottage Lane, $670,000

Louis J. Jacqueline Kolek to James A. Kremens and Laura E. Nelson, 7 Lone Pine Lane, $960,000

Gerard L. and Regis Beauclair to Keith and Andrea Ruskin, 186 Compo Road South, $1,075,000

Christopher M. and Kim M. Healy to John C. and Colleen M. Dougherty, 38 Bulkley Avenue North, $1,375,000

Nitin and Gayatri S. Batra to Michele and Margaux Caniato, 15 Hen Hawk Lane, $1,340,000

Christy M. Colasurdo to James and Marie G. Tybur, 12 Bobwhite Drive, $1,925,000

Philip and Mary Elizabeth Morris to Douglas R. and Christy Colasurdo, 2 Heron Lake Lane, $657,500

Anthony C. and Joanne L. Kahn to Jeffrey and Aileen Brill, 4 Clifford Lane, $1,830,000

Dana Carney to Christopher Powers and Victoria Pospisil, 33 High Point Road, $760,000

Jane C. Heaney-Beckman to Courtney and Christopher Caldwell, 17 Cob Drive, $1,075,000