The Westport Town Clerk's office reports that the following property transfers took place between June 6-10.

117 Harbor Road, sold to William G. Cohen by Abigayil Shaw LLC, $1,850,000.

17 Colonial Road, sold to Alexander Fotin by 17 Colonial Drive LLC, $1,539,000.

6 Clover Lane, sold to Lawrence E. Wilks by Brendan E. and Katherine Ahern, $,201,000.

25 Maplewood Ave., sold to Rita D. Guinta by William E. Wallace, trustee, $425,000.

23 Duck Pond Road, sold to Grace G. and Chyng-Yann Shiue by Rosel Stone Estate, $841,312.50.

16 Loren Lane, sold to Skye S. Phillips and Bryan C. Bughman by Louis G. and Cynthia S. Petti, trustees, $549,000.

7 Buck Hill Road, sold to Ching-Fu Lan and Mei Chun Chou by Richard M. Gibbons and Suzanne E. Hawkins, $880,000.

21 Sniffen Road, sold to Michael and Susan D. Fine Sheldon by Palma Dalessio, $635,000.

120 Imperial Ave., sold to Christopher Bourassa and Brittany A. Coale by Caroline R. and Julian F. Bozeman, $752,250.

52 Weston Road, sold to Frederic Chiu and Jeanine Esposito by Douglas Lloyd and Evelyn B. Harris, $1,503,811.

2 Oakwood Lane, sold to Zenggen Zhou and Jie Fang by Retained Realty, $950,000.

The total value of the above properties sold is $11,126,373.50, resulting in a conveyance tax of $27,815.94.