The Westport Town Clerk's office reports that the following property transfers took place between Aug. 8 and Aug. 12.

30 North Ave., sold to Solvi and Mayhar Zarrinfar by Mark A. and Jane N. Rubenstein, $1,090,000.

15 Overlook Road, sold to Julian F. and Caroline Cozman by Eric and Dianne Wildman Burns, $967,000.

6 Hogan Trail, sold to Aurelien and Severine Pichon by Thomas A. Graf/Ileana Graf, $827,000.

4 Cross Brook Lane, sold to Daniel A. and Shirah L. Dklar by John Hiden, $801,000.

6 Oak St., sold to Eva Kornreich by John Bruce Baker, $539,000.

6 Increase Lane, sold to Blake Tietze and Lauren Orlowski by William P. Buechler Estate c/o John B. Devine, $549,900.

15 Whitney Glen Drive, sold to Lillian Mennitt by David B. and Lucille Masters, trustees, $302,500.

17 Burnham Hill, sold to Laura L. and Mark D. Pflug by Bluewater Burnham 17 LLC, $4,200,000.

23 Ellery Lane, sold to Matthew and Jaime C. Pallai by Lisa Sherwood, $876,000.

3 Great Marsh Road, sold to Beth Berkowitz by Bryan D. Birch, $1,136,174.

11 Blue Ribbon Drive, sold to 11 Blue Ribbon LLC by Bruce A. and Debra A. August, $899,000.

10 Westfair Drive, sold to Kenneth and Natalia Feinstein by Richard J. Fontana Jr., $799,200.

8 Wakeman Road, sold to National Residence Nominee Services Inc. by Terry L. and Natalie M. Leitch, $2,500,000.

8 Wakeman Road, sold to Noel B. Valesco by National Residence Nominee Services Inc., $2,500,000.

157 Greens Farms Road, sold to Rolando E. Pantoja and Rosemary Q. Barry by Gary Brian and Jaimie Dockray, $1,300,000.

The total value of the above properties sold is $19,286,774, resulting in a conveyance tax of $41,896.45.