The Westport Town Clerk's office reports that the following property transfers took place between Aug. 1 and Aug. 5.

76 Hillspoint Road, sold to Douglas A. and Joyce M. Fodor by Kimberly L. Rizza, $1,375,000.

16 Woodcock Lane, sold to Jean H. Bennett by Gentry S. and Rhonda Quain Klein, $1,255,000.

14 Roosevelt Road, sold to Kimberly L. Rizza by William Robert Lysobey, revocable trust; Mildred Emily Lysobey, revocable trust, $1,291,975.

6 Bruce Lane, sold to Alan M. and Jane Jones by Fay Plohn, revocable trust, $815,000.

8 Great Marsh Road, sold to Howard and Marna Altman by Jan R. and Laura Carendi, $1,880,000.

21 Easton Road, sold to Brian Joshua and Allison Stacie by Linda A. Floch, $785,000.

2 Flintlock Ridge Road, sold to Nathaniel and Catherine Carroll Smith by Toth Investments LLC, $1,899,000.

21 Vineyard Lane, sold to Robert J. and Janet A. Schroeder by Alan Matthew and Jane Jones, $718,000.

35 Burr Farms Road, sold to Three Five Burr Farms LLC by Arthur Levy Jr. Estate c/o Steven A. Levy, $1,050,000.

7 Sugar Maple Lane, sold to Grover A. Fitch and Monika Lazaro by Richard S. and Abby W. Sorota, trustees, $2,100,000.

34 Compo Parkway, sold to David and Anne C. Boberski by Mark L. and Lisa H. Kammert, $1,975,000.

39 Sturges Highway, sold to Stuart Adam by 39 Sturges Highway LLC c/o Knapp, $2,300,000.

139 Lansdowne, sold to Joseph R. and Carol Rosetti by Cynthia P. Deutsch, $778,500.

187 Compo Road South, sold to Watson Boulevard LLC by David and Anne C. Boberski, $1,061,000.

5 Indian Point Lane, sold to Gregory S. and Angela M. Ethier by Emily Prince/Cynthia Grossman et al., $1,075,000.

8 Peabody Lane, sold to Deepak Ramachandran by William F. Draper, $1,445,000.

504 Harvest Commons, sold to Douglas M. and Sheila L. Oulette, $620,000.

The total value of the above properties sold is $22,423,475, resulting in a conveyance tax of $56,058.69.