The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Oct. 15-19:

88 Kings Highway South, sold to Lawrence V. and Lindsay Blair Shurman by Faith L. and Frederick W. Goedde Jr., $900,000.

241 Sturges Highway, sold to Jeffrey Nixon and Cathy Hall-Nixon by 241 Sturges LLC, $600,000.

2 Buena Vista Drive, sold to 2 Buena Vista LLC by Rebecca A. Willis, $1,200,000.

8 Abbotts Lane, sold to Daniel G. Roberts and Maxine Bloom by Robert S. Builione, $1,295,000.

6 Sharp Turn Road, sold to SIR-Sharp Turn LLC by Robert and Joanne Cottrell Rueckert, $645,000.

8 Danbury Road, 1/3 interest, sold to Teri Klein by Douglas J. Wolinsky, trustee, Michael and Paula Youngman Estate, $180,000.

43 North Ave., sold to Elizabeth Kate Cohen and David Murstein by Wormser 43 North Avenue LLC, $1,630,000.

16 Side Hill Road, sold to SIR-16 Side Hill Road LLC by Deborah Y. Holt, trustee, $850,000.

394 Greens Farms Road, sold to William R. G. and Georgiana E. Whitehurst by Elizabeth A. and Frederick J. Donahue, trustees, $850,000.

12 Cedar Road, sold to William P. Martorelli and Laurie A. Gilman by Kathryn Thomas, $540,000.

5 Brookside Park, sold to Rachel A. and Richard W. Brelsford Jr. by Geoffrey and Kristin Shafer, $515,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $9,205,000, generating conveyance taxes of $23,012.50.