The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Aug. 13-17:

125 Main St., sold to Campana 125 LLC by 125 Main Street Association LLC, $33,500,000.

6 Twin Circle Drive, sold to 6 Twin Circle LLC by Janette Arenander, $725,000.

9 West Branch Road, 80 percent interest, sold to American Home Builders LLC by Robert Stetz Estate c/o Goldstein & Peck PC, $940,000.

9 West Branch Road, sold to American Home Builders LLC by Stephen Stetz Estaste c/o Patrick Henry, $235,000.

32 Bermuda Road, sold to Michael O. and Ellen S. Fifer by Constance M. Scalise, $2,000,000.

5 Lowlyn Road, sold to Kenneth D. Litton by Kerry Jordan, $822,500.

27 Darbrook Road, sold to Robert and Jennifer L. Bowman by Westport Building Co. LLC, $2,999,000.

24 Calumet Lane, sold to SIR-24 Calumet LLC by Virginia T. and Meredyth H. Ewing Jr., $565,000.

27 Greenlea Lane, 4 percent, sold to Philippe and Melanie Radley by Alice Moskowitz, $853,900.

1 Oak St., sold to Thomas J. Sladek and Amy E. Unikewicz by Michele Cirino, $615,000.

The total value of the properties sold is $43,255,400, generating conveyance taxes of $106,089.14.