The Westport Town Clerk's office reports that the following property transfers took place Sept. 24-28:

5 Woods Grove Road, sold to Michael and Jennifer Cingolani by George and Diana Andrusyshyn, $580,000.

9 Broadview Road, sold to Holly R. Wilkinson by Jonathan S. Lach and Sally A. Sarsfield, $1,511,750.

1 Crow Hollow Lane, sold to Jennifer H. and John J. Roh by Ryan Patrick and Kara Holden Devlin, $491,000.

34 Little Fox Lane, sold to Zoltan Toth by Ronald D. and Kaye C. Leong, $861,000.

3 Over Rock Lane, sold to Joyce C. and Richard E. Eldh Jr. by Judith S. Barr, $915,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $4,358,750, generating conveyance taxes of $10,896.88.