The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Jan. 28-Feb. 1:

28 Calumet Lane, sold to Russell M. Peacock and Rosalind L. Flower by Jule and Dana Limoli, $1,450,000.

79 Newtown Turnpike, sold to Chabad House of Westport Inc. by Stephen C. Vazzano Trust c/o 4553 S.E. Horseshoe Point Road, No. 6, $1,600,000.

159 Greens Farms Road, sold to Deborah Murtaugh by Greens Farms 1830 LLC, $1,535,000.

18 Keyser Road, sold to Patrick Donnerstag and Alexis Senoksi by Selena Roberts, $975,000.

324 Lansdowne, sold to Jacqueline Gordon by John P. Meyer and Rosemarie F. Meyer, revocable trustees, $669,750.

49 Old Road, sold to Christopher D. Koler and Mallika Nair by Michael P. and Natanya E. Washburn, $580,500.

29 Old Mill Road, sold to Nicholas Visconti by Randolph W. Meyer, $250,000.

29 Old Mill Road, sold to Clark Hanford by Randolph W. Meyer, $250,000.

16 Spriteview Ave., sold to R. B. Benson and Co. Inc. by Paige B. Hammond, $1,000,000.

10 Harding Lane, sold to 10 Harding LLC by George W. and Carol A. Underhill, $1,200,000.

19 Bluewater Hill, sold to 19 Bluewater Hill LLC by Peter and Vida Geranmeyeh Florian, $3,925,000.

35 Jennie Lane, sold to Mathias and Racquel Huruta Dias by Culver Casson and Paris Cheffer, $1,542,000.

55 and 57 Greens Farms Road, sold to S.L. Greens Farms Road LLC by Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America, $16,000,000.

26 Clinton Ave., sold to Robert Keith and Sarah Campbell Baker by Sophie Liechti, $635,000.

3 Spring Hill Road, sold to Paris Cheffer and Culver Casson by Michael P. Cardiff, $1,563,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $33,175,250, generating conveyance taxes of $82,938.13.