The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Dec. 3-7:

64 Lyons Plains Road, 99.2 percent interest, sold to James Lee and Diana E. Ruiz by Alexandra C. Marks, $2,450,000.

6 Twin Circle Drive, sold to Christine R. and Edward S. Frese Jr. by 6 Twin Circle LLC, $9,000.

1 Webb Road, sold to Lisa and Nathaniel T. Wallace by SIR-1 Webb LLC, $2,001,350.

6 Green Acre Lane, sold to Westport Cobble Hill LLC by Jerry A. Tishman, $850,000.

60 Edgewater Commons Lane, sold to Lisa R. Bernard by Scott A. Steinberg, $40,500.

181-185 Main St., sold to Acadia 181 Main Street LLC by Village Square of Westport Development LLC, $14,157,008.13.

1 Hazelnut Road, sold to Evan B. and Janice A. Dean by Steven B. and Ellen S. Twitchell, $750,000.

12 Woody Lane, sold to C C O IV Woody LLC by Joseph Giglio, $825,000.

22 St. John Place, sold to Emil Blanco and Lauren Singer by Richard Christopher Montanaro, $1,525,000.

4 Millbank Road, sold to Michael and Claudia Saunders by Stephen T. and Beth S. Mendillo, $810,000.

5 Guard Hill Road, sold to David I. and Victoria Dear by Real Estate Holdings LLC, $1,446,000.

5 Madeline Ave., sold to Gregory Katz and Bea Sennewald by Louis A. and Eulala M. Conner Jr., $740,000.

40 Bauer Place Ext., sold to 40 Bauer Place Ext. LLC by Genevieve Kral Estate c/o 143 Floral Blvd., $440,000.

4 Smicap Lane, sold to SIR-4 Smicap LLC by Gisela Dangelo, $400,000.

8 Onion Hill Road, sold to Sheila Creatura by Marilynn Koenig Living Trust, $1,500,000.

54 Maple Ave. S., sold to Gregory D. Kryder and Kristina L. Harvey by Faith Schachne, $2,525,000.

11 Blue Ribbon Drive, sold to Netta Levy and Michael Beebe by 11 Blue Ribbon LLC, $2,475,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $32,943,858.13, generating conveyances taxes of $80,285.64.