The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Dec. 17-21:

5 Forest Drive, sold to George Justin and Joanne Phillips by James M. and Joanne Tricarico, $2,700,000.

42 Burr Farms Road, sold to Vanbrodt Estates LLC by Annemarie McCalla, $476,500.

316 Greens Farms Road, sold to Sefton D. and Jill T. Cohen by David M. McGrath, $1,463,875.

112 Hillspoint Road, sold to Scott S. Balber and Elise Zealand by Anne L. and Timothy L. Davies, $1,160,000.

26 Buena Vista Drive, sold to Robert and Caroline M. Muir by 26 Buena Vista LLC, $2,600,000.

34 Roseville Road, sold to Hugo M. and Fabiola G. Souza by Sonia Mihelic, $1,500,000.

101 Bradley Lane, sold to Caitlin Boulier by Emily M. Zagorski, $667,500.

23 Rayfield Road, sold to Scott A. and Michelle U. Shapiro by SIR-23 Rayfield LLC, $1,425,000.

50 Cranbury Road, sold Britt A. and Stephanie A. Szostak by Ben and Rebecca Gerstmark Oren, $1,425,000.

1590 Post Road E., sold to 1590 Post Rd. E. LLC by Albert E. Schurman, $850,000.

5 Adams Farm Road, sold to SIR-5 Adams Farm LLC by Doris E. Farquhar c/o Fay J. Farquhar, $925,000.

68 Harbor Road, sold to Joshua S. Newman by Ann Hollis James Estate c/o W. Glen Major, $655,000.

35 Franklin St., sold to John Brewster by Jeffrey Sharpe, $50,000.

9 Rices Lane, sold to John S. and Jill B. Dillon by Barbara Neiman, $1,050,000.

14 Hunting Lane, sold to Avigdor Dori and Maya B. Konig by Hallie and Garrett Chase, $1,450,000.

34 Harbor Road, sold to Three Dog Walk LLC by Piekarski Investments LLC, $2,350,000.

7 Plunkett Place, sold to Gioel M. and Ronni M. Molinari by Christopher W. and Jennifer G. Wink, $4,050,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $24,797,875, generating conveyance taxes of $61,994.69.