The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Aug. 27-Sept. 7:

2 Marvin Place, sold to Paul D. and Denise M. Pinney-Michalowski by David K. and Leslie Lewis Kirshner, $1,911,300.

0 River Lane, sold to Michael M. Wiseman by Rhea Schindler, $55,000.

3 Webb Road, sold to SIR-3 Webb LLC by Heather L. Yeo, $700,000.

184 Cross Highway, sold to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. by Ryan and Shannon McGeachie, $1,850,000.

184 Cross Highway, sold to John S. Caputo and Sarah Rodbard by Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $1,850,000.

11 Maple Ave. North, sold to Deepjot and Ekta Bhatia by Maurice Lemus and Moirie Han, $675,000.

19 Janson Drive, sold to Roop and Puneet Bhullar by Elizabeth and Watts Wacker, $980,000.

2 Trails End, sold to Byron G. and Kara G. McKenna-Wong by Dency H. and Richard Mann Jr., $1,325,000.

7 Deerwood Road, sold to Mark and Deborah Duncan by Janice S. Lamartine, $985,000.

10 Big Pines Road, sold to Robert W. Lee and Jing Guan by Adam Freeman, $880,000.

61 Old Road, sold to Richfield Real Estate Investment LLC by Thomas Andrew Jankoski, $550,000.

153 Easton Road, sold to Rachel Steel Cohn by PK Associates Inc., $800,000.

5 Placid Lake Lane, sold to Michael and Meghan Gault by Clark and Regina Moss, $985,000.

232 Compo Road South, sold to Sarah P. Carroll by Jerilyn J. Medrea and Kathleen G. McHugh, $1,651,500.

8 Keenes Road, sold to Patrick and Susan Hendricks by Peter F. and Juliet G. Harker, $895,000.

319 Post Road East, sold to JL 319 LLC by Westport Country Playhouse Inc., $1,100,000.

9 High Point Road, sold to Mattera Construction 9 High Point Road LLC by Joyce M. Singer, $1,150,000.

10 Compo Hill Ave., sold to Susan E. William Filonuk Jr. by Richard and Cynthia Sher, $1,695,750.

59 Crescent Road, sold to Gilberto A. and Fabiana T. Carvalho by Fazal and Danielle Merchant, $1,225,000.

146 Lansdowne, sold to Phyllis M. and Henry C. Lee by Robert J. Miller, trustee, c/o Day Pitney LLP, $637,000.

14 Compo Hill Ave., sold to Patricia J. Rost by Ronald T. and Susan D. Benizio, $1,162,500.

12 Juniper Road, sold to Frederick H. and Greer D. Kneip by Keith M. and Nicole D. Lombardo, $1,314,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $24,377,050, generating conveyance taxes of $54,567.63.