The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Dec. 10-14:

1 Eno Lane, sold to Kevin and Allyson McGrath by Patrick D. and Julie R. Osullivan, $815,000.

3 Black Birch Road, sold to Ronald F. Stephens by Loralyn Helms, $655,000.

32 Tamarac Road, sold to Gregory Rubin and Jenny J. Spyres by Joseph and Tracy Livecchi, $1,480,000.

9 Beechwood Lane, sold to Spencer J. and Carolee E. Pearson by Robert S. and Judy Foerster, $1,105,000.

8 Willowbrook Drive, sold to James G. and Venera Lane by Nancy G. Garzone, $525,000.

2 Linden St., sold to Tomas Brothers LLC by Kenneth Christopher Hart and Rachel Ann Patterson Moore, $585,000.

6 Cob Drive, sold to Sonia Mihelic by Karen W. Zames, $4,600,000.

4 Cob Drive, sold to Sonia Mihelic by Jonathan Zames 2008 Dynasty Trust, $1,300,000.

30 Webb Road, sold to Joseph and Tracy Livecchi by Neil Q. and Elise B. Gabriele, $1,650,000.

43 Grove Point Road, sold to Rachel Ann Patterson Hart by Paul A. and Beth R. Milton, $650,000.

14 Stony Point Road, sold to Owl & Lark LLC by Roxana Howes, $5,000,000.

12 Sylvan Road S., sold to Archisman Rudra and Mousumi Ghosh by Claudia V. Conroy, $832,500.

Total value of the properties sold is $19,197,500, resulting in a conveyance tax of $47,993.75.