The Town Clerk’s office recorded the following property transfers from June 22-26:

36 Woody Lane: Thomas D. and Ellen P. Granger to Steven H. and Nicole M. Gerber, $1,550,000.

4 Lone Pine Lane: Jonathan and Sara Deren to Mathias and Flavia Reichelsdorfer, $1,130,000.

4 Winkler Lane: John M. and Catherine M. McCaul to Christopher P. and Jennifer S. Conn, $2,600,000.

3 Twin Falls Lane: Harold Scott and Meredith N. Collins to Shawn L. and Wendy Dahl, $1,590,000.

27 Hickory Drive: Francine R. Crystal to John Worth and Christine Ubank, $589,000.

11 Old Mill Road: Raymond R. Maddock, estate, to Joseph Fenleib, $910,000.

1 Sylvan Road North: 1 Sylvan Road Association LLC to One Syrno LLC, $4,000,000.

33 Bayberry Lane: Raymond Joseph Orr, estate, Kristen Ripka, $895,000.

14 Drumlin Road: Marc L. and Secil Carver to Douglas E. Robinson and Alexandra B. White, $780,000.

14 Sandpiper Road: William M. Denkin to Michael R. D. and Roberta Ashton, $1,885,000.

10 Signal Lane: Mary Elizabeth and Matthew Peterson to Peter J. Matton, $1,095,000.

5 Berkeley Place: CCO IV Berkeley LLC to Julianna M. and Josh D. Saitz, $1,578,000.

Total value of the property sales was $18,599,000, generating conveyance taxes of $46,497.50.