The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Sept. 17-21:

6 Trailing Rock Lane, sold to Gregory D. Miller by Trailing Rock LLC, $2,495,000.

99 Bayberry Lane, sold to Robert P. and Debra W. Lee by 99 Bayberry LLC, $4,000,000.

39 Jennie Lane, sold to Daniel E. and Makiko S. Coakley by Janice M. Bange Estate c/o Walter E. Bange, $940,000.

14 Manitou Road, sold to Amy F. Lane by Barbara Nash Pryde, $1,945,000.

2 Hyatt Lane, sold to Donna J. and Carl D. Blandino by 2 Hyatt Lane LLC, $1,875,000.

4 Peach Lot Place, sold to SIR-4 Peach Lot LLC by Cindy M. and Ralph A. Boester, $945,000.

4 Harbor Hill Road, sold to William M. and Wonah Song Denkin by Frank P. Doyle, trustee, c/o Berkowitz, Trager & Trager LLC, $2,725,000.

212 Compo Road South, sold to Christopher and Rita Marcocci by Maria A. Rivera, $746,000.

11 West Parish Road, sold to Roberto Sobrino and Anak Badurina by Gina S. Orban, $760,000.

4 Cardinal Lane, sold to Scott E. and Colette M. Rabacs by Lawrence M. and Kathleen L. Schwartz, $1,030,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $17,461,000, generating conveyance taxes of $43,652.50.