The Westport Town Clerk's officer reports the following property transfers took place Jan. 14-18:

3 Bluewater Hill, sold to Russell and Robyn E. Greenberg by Christopher Cady, $1,950,000.

28 Stony Brook Road, sold to Canyon A. and Kimberly J. Ceman by Daniel S. and Jean M. Larkin, $795,000.

20 Burnham Hill, sold to David K. and Leslie Lewis Kirshner by William W. and Julianna S. Chandler, $3,293,000.

28 Compo Parkway, sold to William W. and Julianna S. Chandler by Samuel A. and Heidi L. Cunningham, $1,647,500.

12 Overlook Road, sold to Peoples United Bank by Joseph J. and Nancy J. Tucci et al c/o Matthew Lloyd Brovender, $740,000.

35 Turkey Hill Road N., sold to Andrew and Robin Goldman by Russell D. Barnard, $909,000.

2 Pritchard Lane, sold to Christopher Courtney and Beverley Bonehill by Mattera Construction 2 Pritchard Lane LLC, $3,500,000.

3 Hemlock Hill Road, sold to Peter and Alison Dorfman by Hugh and Meredith Haas, $1,560,000.

147 Compo Road S., sold to Westport Building Co. LLC by Roger and Judy Dickinson, $665,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $15,059,500, resulting in conveyance taxes of $35,798.75.