The Town Clerk’s office recorded the following property transfers from May 25-29:

19 Vani Court: Christopher and Wendy Converse to Beacon Homes CT LLC, $385,000.

22 Warnock Drive: Miriam J. Zuckerman, estate, to 18 Euclid Avenue LLC, $750,000.

7 Sniffen Road: Eric M. and Moriah R. Agovino to Shiri Zuravicky and Michael Homler, $785,000.

8 Norwalk Ave.: Eric W. Lunden to Ward J. and Cynthia G. Doonan, $1,000,000.

5 Lyons Plains Road: Charles E. Dewey, Jr. to Romanos Daniel, $1,360,000.

8 Marilane: Eric and Valerie Ratner to Andrew and Laura Shepard, $2,200,000.

38 Old Mill Road, exempt: Irene M. Parker to Town of Westport , $724,725.

199 Newtown Turnpike, exempt: Christopher T. McMillan to Town of Westport,, $291,975.

40 Old Mill Road, exempt: Patricia Marie McGraw to Town of Westport, $329,925.

10 Tupelo Road: Barbara Stewart to Rachel Sinay, $832,000.

17 Sherwood Farms Lane: Sixteen Hands LLC to Glenn and Tara Gans, $1,525,000.

99 Cross Highway: L. Leslie Adler and Diane Marie Smith to Eric M. and Moriah R. Agovino, $1,450,000.

12 Cob Drive: Astoria Bank to Michaael R. and Courtney L. Keller, $887,000.

220 Riverside Ave., unit 6B: Lynne M. Monahan to Roger and Lisa Passavant, $622,750.

Total value of the property sales was $13,143,375, generating conveyance taxes of $29,491.88.