The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place between May 7-11:

31 Old Hill Road, sold to Charles R. and Lisa Mounts by Jeffrey A. and Marnie M. Nusbaum, $2,050,000.

28 Rices Lane, sold to Mark W. and Virginia Foxton by Ronald G. Besson and Leslie B. Ramik, $785,000.

15 Yankee Hill Road, sold to Bluewater Yankee Hill LLC by John T. and Patricia C. Thomas, $1,650,000.

111 Regents Park, sold to Michael F. and Mary McGee Lesch by Marie Dipasquale, $825,000.

72 Old Road, sold to Ruth Gaviria by Vanbrodt Estates LLC, $830,000.

42 Owenoke Park, sold to Daniel A. Levinson by Daniel E. and Makiko S. Coakley, $2,250,000.

35 Charcoal Hill Road, sold to Melissa I. Parker by West Company c/o Kelley, $3,500,000.

The total value of the properties sold is $11,890,000, generating conveyance taxes of $29,725.