The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place Oct. 1-12:

47 Gorham Ave., sold to Patrick Maroney and Marcia Demu by Michael and Mary K. Lieder, $1,130,000.

25 Oak St., sold to Richard and Noor Zakka by Marta A. Peterson, $683,000.

117 Lansdowne, sold to Lawrence and Kathleen Schwartz by Vivian M. Dye, $625,000.

4 Marilane Road (90 percent), sold to Douglas Richard Shore and Nicole Bianchi by Melissa Parker, $1,202,000.

16 Colonial Road, sold to Robert Sabin by Jill and Maarten Nederlof, $639,000.

11 Silver Brook Road, sold to Ewelina Wyszynski by Sharon Glick TR and Sharon Glick Revocable Trust, $880,000.

8 Hunting Lane, sold to Able Construction Inc. by Linda Seay, $415,000.

27 Guyer Road, sold to Alana Fuscaldo by Mark Talbot Ames, $445,000.

27 Mayflower Parkway, sold to Joe and Aleema Futterman by Laurie Wright, $1,505,000.

16 Fairfield Ave., sold to Laurie Wright and Neal Rubin by Richard Ellenbogan and Debra Weissman $1,700,000.

8 Edgemarth Hill Road, sold to Brian F. Dreyer and Ellen P. Davis by Meredith G. Hampton, $1,550,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $10,774,000, generating conveyance taxes of $20,840.