SafeRides of Westport is now being sponsored by the Westport Kiwanis.

SafeRides of Westport’s mission is to keep young people safe in circumstances such as when their parents or another responsible party is not available to drive them home, or they need a ride home, no questions asked. The program provides free, confidential rides home to any high school student living in Westport on most Saturday nights.

In addition, SafeRides gives high school teens an opportunity to become involved in their community through volunteer work.

The Westport Kiwanis also sponsors the Staples Key Club, another service organization.

“As this is the 100th year of Kiwanis, having the Westport chapter sponsor another service organization like SafeRides of Westport felt like a natural extension of Kiwanis,” Michael Laux,, a past president of Westport Kiwan, said in a statement announcing the sponsorship. “The principles of service to your community through our youth is strong in both SafeRides of Westport and the Key Club, so we felt it was the logical next step in growing Kiwanis in Westport.”

For more information about SafeRides of Westport, visit .