WESTPORT — Alissa, Valentina and Sam sauntered over to the small, wooden table by the red chairs, sat down and began diligently drawing.

The Westport Public Library’s “Pajama Party!” for incoming kindergartners last week gave the young students the opportunity to interact with other children about to start school. Kids could create a luminous firefly ball, make a countdown to kindergarten, hear a back-to-school story or sit down and draw — a crucial skill to have when entering kindergarten.

Valentina Belyaev, who will start her first day of kindergarten at Kings Highway Elementary School, drew a vibrant picture of a colorful rainbow and four, almost perfectly symmetrical sunflowers on a pasture of grass. Valentina’s sister, Alissa, sat next to and colored with her big sister.

When she was asked what she is most looking forward to at school, Valentina said drawing, because it is an activity she can do with her friend, who loves to draw. She also said she is excited to check out the playground at her new school because she likes the swings and can go really high on them.

Incoming Greens Farms Elementary student Sam Kalnit was also drawing at the table, and said he really likes drawing and is eager to see what projects his new teacher has in store for him. Sam’s favorite animal to draw is a hippopotamus.

Library Youth Services Director Mary Parmelee said the library wanted to put on an event for the incoming kindergartners.

“What we’re hoping the kids will get out of it is that they’ll meet some of the kids who are going to be in their class. A lot of them who have been in preschools haven’t been in preschools with kids that they’re necessarily going be in school with,” Parmelee said.

“This way, they’ll have an opportunity to meet people so that when they actually go to school, there will be more familiar faces for them, as well as have fun,” she sad.

Another pajama party for incoming kindergartners is planned on Monday at 7 p.m. at the library’s Smilow Family Children’s Library.