Despite brisk conditions outside, local gourmands are already warming up to the latest addition to Westport's menu of frozen yogurt hangouts.

The global "fro-yo" yogurt chain, Pinkberry, late Friday afternoon opened a Westport outlet at 111 Post Road East, adjacent to Urban Outfitters clothing store.

"Everything is fresh," said Susie Kriewald, the manager of the Westport Pinkberry. "And you don't have to do anything yourself. You just come in and tell us what you want and we'll make it right up for you."

The store sells non-fat yogurt made with non-fat milk, according to Kriewald. Pinkberry puts six flavors at a time on its menu, which currently includes an "original" plain frozen yogurt, salted caramel, chocolate hazelnut, grapefruit and passionfruit. Aside from the "original" yogurt, Pinkberry periodically changes the other five options in its six-flavor rotation.

To complement the yogurt, Pinkberry offers a range of toppings, including strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, kiwis and grapefruit.

Pinkberry's menu also features fresh fruit parfaits, fresh fruit bowls and smoothies.

The new Pinkberry has a 24-person employee roster, including about a dozen Staples High School students, according to Kriewald.

Staples students representation on the Pinkberry team appears to have generated interest in the frozen yogurt shop at the high school, with a number of students arriving within an hour of Pinkberry's opening Friday to sample its frozen confections.

"As long as it's warm inside, it's still good," said Staples junior Maya Mandell.

Her friend Greg Weiner, also a Staples junior, nodded in agreement.

"It's always good to have a tasty treat," he said.

Mandell and Weiner were joined by two other friends from Staples, junior Val Kirsch and senior Alyssa Rutsky. While they all highly rated Pinkberry's selection, they were split about their favorite flavors. Mandell and Rutsky preferred the original flavor, while Kirsch and Weiner recommended the chocolate hazelnut.

The first Pinkberry store opened in West Hollywood, Calif., in 2005. The frozen yogurt chain now operates a total of more than 170 stores in the U.S. as well as other nations such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Peru, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey and Russia.

The Pinkberry store in downtown Fairfield, the frozen yogurt chain's first outlet in Connecticut, opened in 2010. Pinkberry's Westport franchisee, Jamie Karson, also is the franchise holder for the Fairfield and Greenwich stores.

Pinkberry joins Louise's Top This Frozen Yogurt at 14 Post Road East and Sunny Daes at 30 Riverside Ave., the town center's two other frozen dessert shops.

The opening of Pinkberry also coincided Friday with the opening of the Paper Source store across the street in a new building at 100 Post Road East.

Before the arrival of Pinkberry, the space at 111 Post Road East was occupied by Go Figure, a fitness studio. Go Figure now holds classes at 1200 Post Road East.; 203-255-4561, ext. 118;