In Pictures: Westport Library's Holiday Book Sale

WESTPORT — With holiday celebrations imminent, the Westport Library celebrated one of its longtime supporters by conducting its Holiday Book Sale in his honor.

Bill Bangser, library activist and former board member, co-founded the first organized library sale decades ago, along with volunteer Dick Lowenstein.

“He was always cheerful,” Lowenstein said of Bangser, who died last month at age 92.

The Holiday Book Sale took place this weekend, featuring a select variety of material, including artwork and new media items, generally more geared for gift-giving.

“This sale is different because we kind of curate books that are gift-worthy,” said Jennifer Bangster, director of community partnership and Bill’s daughter-in-law.

She said this particular sale wasn’t held last year due to the renovation work, but noted it opened with a small ceremony dedicated to Bangser.

“He was a very humble man,” she said. “He would have been embarrassed by that, but it was a really beautiful moment to be a part of.”