WESTON — With a starter that’s been in consistent use for over 100 years, one has to figure these pancakes are good.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church hosted its annual “Shrove Sunday” community pancake breakfast this weekend, featuring a hand-me-down buttermilk recipe and starter that’s been in Dan Wilder of Weston’s family for a good long time.

“It’s a sourdough,” he said. “We usually make a thousand pancakes.”

“The pancakes are so yummy,” said his wife, Donna, who helped prepare a large spiraled ham as well. “People just devour them.”

“It’s just fun,” said Rector Katie Piazza. “We would love it if people from the community came, but it’s usually just parishioners.”

“But we enjoy each other’s company,” she said, and we enjoy this tradition that Dan brought to us. And they’re just delicious.”