Maker Faire Westport winners announced

WESTPORT — The seventh annual Maker Faire Westport was held on Saturday and again broke records.

The event more than tripled its footprint, nearly doubling its number of makers to 200 (up from just over 100 in 2017) and seeing attendance of 13,500, a 30 perecmt increase from 2017.

“We continue to be impressed with the quality of the innovative and creative people in Connecticut and beyond. As they inspire our attendees to learn and grow, we see the impact in our communities. Schools, libraries and businesses all benefit from the energy that comes from seeing what others have done,” said Mark Mathias, Founder and Co-Chair of Maker Faire Westport and President of Remarkable STEAM.

Continuing what was started in 2017, judges awarded “Best of Maker Faire Westport 2018” honors. Nine makers were recognized:

Kid’s Art - CJ’s 3D Handmade Jewelry

Kid’s Engineering - Swim ‘Duino

Art - Pink Rhubarb (dyeing)

Engineering - Vorpal the Hexpod

History - Gustave Whitehead 1901 Airplane Half-Size Replica

Commercial - Stepcraft USA (CNC machine)

School - NCC School of Art, Architecture, and Design

Special - Myrmidon Dagorhir Renaissance Village

Special - PlasmaBot

The date for the eighth annual Maker Faire Westport was also announced to be Saturday, April 27, 2019.