WESTPORT — The holiday season was celebrated in a special way on Tuesday evening when Saugatuck Congregational Church held its annual Christmas Eve Pageant, ttitled “A Babe is Born.”

Close to two dozen young people from ages 2 to 18 took part in the telling of the story of the birth of Jesus, with costumes, songs and communal celebration.

“It’s going good,” said Dana Johnson, director of children’s ministry and pageant director. “I like the joy that the kids bring to the season, so this is a culmination of that spirit.”

“The energy energizes me,” she said, joking that corralling the performers amounts to “controlled chaos.”

“The Christmas pageant at Saugatuck Church is always a beautiful, joy-filled worship service,” said Craig Patton, co-producer of the show.

“It’s just so much fun,” said Michelle D’Auria, a parent volunteer from Westport. “And it’s so cute seeing all the kids excited about it and getting dressed up.”