WESTPORT — The history of “Hokanum,” a 600-acre estate in Westport owned one of the state’s wealthiest men in the mid-19th Century, will be the topic of a March 6 program at the Westport Historical Society.

The 2 p.m. program will be led by Courtney Long, a doctoral candidate in the History of Art and Architecture Department at the University of Pittsburgh. It will take place in the historical society’s headquarters, 25 Avery Place.

The presentation will include a little-known painting of the Gothic-style mansion owned by Morris Ketchum, who was a financier and railroad magnate, according to the historical society. Ketchum also owned other properties in town, stretching from Greens Farms to what is now the Merritt Parkway and from Weston Road to North Avenue.

Long will discuss the history of Ketchum’s estate and place it in the context of a “a budding national identity fashioned through newly published ideas to help landowners cultivate their properties and construct their homes,” according to publicity for the event.

Suggested donation for the program is $10, according to the historical society, and reservations are recommended. Call 203-222-1424 or visit www.westporthstory.org for more information.