I recently went with a group to see a Yankees game. I had to buy a handful of tickets for my group and had a discount code.

I went to Yankees.com and ordered the tickets, including receiving an email confirmation of my purchase.

The email confirmation I received indicated that 48 hours before the game, I would see the codes that I would show at the gate to gain entrance to Yankee Stadium.

As I had selected the “Print at Home” option on the Yankees site, about 24 hours before the game, I went to the site and was going to print my tickets.

There was no such “Print at Home” option on the Web site.

So I called the number given to me on the Yankees.com Web site.

The number referred me to Ticketmaster, who handles ticketing for the Yankees. When I spoke to someone, I gave him my confirmation number, which did not match their codes.

I mentioned that I had an email confirmation which is where I received the confirmation code. Still no luck.

I then mentioned that the email came from teamexchange@ticketmaster.com which informed the agent that I need to speak with a different part of Ticketmaster.

The agent at the teamexchange portion of Ticketmaster couldn’t help me for some reason and suggested I call the Yankees Ticket Office. Unfortunately, it was after 6 pm and the Yankees Ticket Office was closed.

So I called Ticketmaster again and the person said they really couldn’t help obtain my tickets for the next day’s game. In a final “hail Mary”, I called back the teamexchange number I had and found someone who could help me.

Despite the fact that the ordering option encourages people to request “Print at Home” tickets, as does their “music on hold” messages, the Yankees have eliminated the “Print at Home” option. So only people with a mobile phone can get into Yankee Stadium.

But I also found out that to obtain your tickets, you have to use a mobile phone app. There are references to a mobile app throughout the Yankees.com Web site, but it never mentions the NAME of the app. If you search through the App Store or Google Play, there are lots of Yankees apps, but nothing tells you which app to download.

Luckily my agent was able to tell me which app to download. I was then able to log in and see my tickets.

Note that each time I tried to speak with an agent, it took a minimum of 15 minutes and frequently more than 30 minutes to get a live person on the phone. In total, I spent more than four hours on the phone trying to secure my tickets.

One thing that did go well was that I needed to give one of the tickets to a colleague who would be joining us at Yankee Stadium. The app itself was pretty good at letting me electronically transfer a ticket to him.

But overall, the current way the Yankees ticketing is working is unclear at best. As a guy who does tech for a living, I found it very difficult to follow. I’ve read stories of others having similar challenges with this ticketing system.

This is a new ticketing system for the Yankees and with every system migration there are bumps in the road. I get that. I hope that the Yankees/Ticketmaster will bring back the Print at Home feature as well as clarify and simplify the online ticketing process.

Mark Mathias is a 35+ year information technology executive, a resident of Westport, Connecticut. His columns can be read on the Internet at http://blog.mathias.org. He can be contacted at livingwithtechnology@mathias.org.