WESTPORT — Despite earlier reports the Westport Rehabilitation Complex would remain open after initial plans to close, the longterm future for residents may still be uncertain.

WestportNow reported on Thursday that the building’s owners, 1 Burr Road LLC, would continue moving forward with a proposal to convert the facility into a 50-room hotel. This comes two days after facility management told residents and state officials the center was staying open.

Attorney Leonard Braman, who represents 1 Burr Road LLC, said he did not have additional information on any decision made by Traditions Senior Management, who operates the facility, but his clients were proceeding with the plan for a hotel.

“That said, even if zoning approvals were granted, no hotel would be constructed at the site for several years,” Braman told the Westport News.

R.B. Bridges, chief operating officers at Traditions, said he was not familiar with the hotel plan, and could only speak for his company. He added Traditions has been in constant talks with the workers’ union to reach a deal, which would cut down on costs to run the center.

“We’re still working out the details and think we’re going to be able to adjust some costs that would help the facility remain open,” Bridges said, adding all signs pointed to the rehab complex not closing.

Bridges assured residents will continue to be informed throughout the process.

“We’ll communicate with the residents as we have info and as we continue to follow state procedures,” he said.

The 120-bed skilled nursing center had notified its occupants in late May of plans to file an application to cease operations by late 2019. Around the same time, the building owners filed a pre-application with the Planning and Zoning Commission to turn the property into a high-end hotel.

The commission’s reception was largely positive at the meeting, but they asked proper precaution be taken in any formal proposal made.