Hip hop concert gets kids moving

WESTPORT — Intense rain and thunder outside only made this concert cooler when it was moved indoors to Saugatuck Elementary School on Wednesday night.

Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo moved its show from the Levitt Pavilion to the school auditorium, where an enthusiastic crowd of kids and parents danced to their striking rhythms and songs.

“What we do is create a bridge between the worlds of hip hop culture and the magic of childhood without compromising either one,” said Cactus, who founded the group 12 years ago when he began making music for his own daughter, Saki, then age 6.

The show was sponsored by toy magnate Melissa & Doug, and representatives of the business had free giveaways at the event, as well as raffles for giant stuffed animals.

“I’m here to make it awkward,” Cactus told the crowd as he encouraged the parents to participate in the dance. “Awkward is one step away from weird and weird is one step away from awesome.”

“We’re always happy to play the Levitt,” Cactus said regarding the fourth appearance in Westport of his group, which includes singers Debrissa Kenney and Ryan Barber.

Carleigh Welsh, Levitt’s director marketing and communications, praised the group, sponsor, and the substitute venue itself.

“Thank you Saugatuck School for being our home away from home and turning on the air conditioner for us,” she said.