WESTPORT — The town’s 2016 list of all taxable properties posted a 1.36 percent increase from the preceding year, according to figures released by the town Thursday.

“This is very good news for Westport taxpayers and reflects the ongoing vibrancy and attractiveness of our community,” First Selectman Jim Marpe in a statement released Feb. 2. “It also reinforces the need to invest in our public amenities such as the public schools, Compo Beach, Longshore Club Park, the Library, open space and the many other “crown jewels” that make Westport the community of choice for our current and future residents and businesses.”

The grand list total for 2016 — $11,024,518,484 — is up from 2015’s assessment of $10,876,602,613. The figures represent assessments of all real estate, motor vehicles and personal property.

Connecticut Light & Power, Nyala Farms and Equity One Westport Village Center remained the top three taxpayers in town, respectively, as they did the past three years.

Real estate—which comprised 94.3 percent of the list—went up 1.29 percent as a result of residential and commercial construction along with renovations. Motor vehicles increased 3 percent and personal property bumped up to 2.2 percent. Combined motor vehicles and personal property accounted for 5.7 percent of the total.

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Top 10 Taxpayer - as appears on 2016 Grand ListAssessment (via Town of Westport)

1. Connecticut Light & Power Inc Pers. Property 136,098,970

2. 60 Nyala Farms Road LLC Real Estate 89,277,600

3. Equity One Westport Vill. Center Real Estate 35,051,200

4. Bedford Square Assoc LLC Real Estate 26,964,700

5. Byelas LLC Real Estate 24,424,500

6. Campana 125 LLC Real Estate 20,767,800

7. 285 & 325 Riverside LLC Real Estate 20,177,600

8. SL Greens Farms Rd LLC Real Estate 19,937,500

9. Heyman Ronnie F Trustee Real Estate 19,508,800

10. Bridgewater Associates Inc. Pers. Property 17,712,920

The figures will be subject to change depending on the Board of Assessment Appeals hearings in March and any lawsuits.