A gas line rupture at Birchwood Country Club resulted in the evacuation of nearby structures and the closure of Kings Highway for approximately one hour today.

The line was severed by a back hoe, according to a report provided by the Westport Fire Department, but did not ignite. Emergency workers reponded to the scene -- 25 Kings Highay South -- shortly after 1 p.m., and immediately evacuated the area, while firefighters from Engine Co. 4 set up hose lines in case the gas ignited.

Technicians from Southern Connecticut Gas Co. were also called to the scene to clamp the broken gas line under the protection of fire department hose lines. The technicians then located the "curb box" valve in the street and completely shut off the gas leak.

Kings Highway South was closed from Treadwell Avenue to the Post Road during the duration of the incident. The last fire unit cleared the scene just after 2 p.m.