More than $10,000 has been raised so far for a Bridgeport man who launched into action to help rescue a man from a smoking car in Westport on Wednesday.

Aaron Tucker, 32, was on a bus en route to a job interview when he saw a car roll over and crash on Post Road East in Westport on Wednesday. Though the bus driver told Tucker he would leave without him if he got off the bus, Tucker got off anyway and played a major role in aiding two other bystanders who worked across the street to pull the driver from the smoking car and begin treating him until emergency personnel arrived, people at the scene said.

Now, a Westport woman is working to show Tucker thanks; she created an online fundraiser to support him and his nearly 2-year-old son.

“Aaron is the kind of man who should be celebrated,” Karin Dale, of Westport, wrote on the GoFundMe page she created. “While others stood around and took video, he jumped into action and helped.”

In an interview, Dale added, “He just did such a nice thing and it seemed like he was such a good guy who needed a hand and I thought that we could do that for him.”

She described how his kindness shows through in each conversation and Tucker brings everything back to caring for his young son.

The page, found at, has raised about $10,000 since its creation Thursday evening from over 150 donors. Its goal is $25,000 to help Tucker and his loved ones. It has mostly been shared in Westport, Dale said, and town residents are now going beyond to take additional efforts to help Tucker as well as others in the halfway house where he resides.

“What I have found amazing about his is it’s just not about Aaron anymore,” Dale said.

She said Westporters have stepped up to help Tucker as well as others in the halfway house, volunteering to aid the men with resume writing and job preparation as well as donating business clothes.; @LauraEWeiss16