The sky was ablaze with rockets’ red glare and the beach was abuzz with summer traditions.

Friday night Westport celebrated Independence Day with a brilliant blast of fireworks over Compo Beach. More than 10,000 people turned out for the festive scene of fun, food, family and friends.

“They have the best fireworks display in the area,” said Alban Hoxhaj of Massapequa, N.Y., who comes every year. “I love it here It’s beautiful.”

The Westport Police Athletic League and the town’s Parks and Recreation Department, which hosted the bash, sold 2,000 advance tickets for event. Cars, trucks, bicycles and many on foot came to Compo, where picnic feasts were prepared, scores of folding chairs unfolded and a patriotic plethora of red, white and blue clothes, hats and accessories were displayed,

“It’s nice to see the whole town coming out and getting together,” said Jonathan Shambroom of Westport, who biked to the celebration with his wife Jennifer and their 1-year-old son Cole. “We’re ready to light it up.”

“It brings the community together,” said Ella Bloomingdale, 12, of Westport.

“The fireworks brighten everybody’s night,” said her friend Erika Fanning, 13, of Westport. “The Fourth of July is a night to remember.”

Emergency and police personnel were on hand, but there was little to attend to with a seemingly well-behaved crowd.

“It’s a beautiful night for fireworks and it seems thus far that everything’s going smoothly,” said Police Chief Dale Call, who estimated there were more than 10,000 people at the park.

“I grew up in town,” said Nina Heller, who now lives in Redding. “But every once in a while I just have to come back to Compo Beach. It’s home base.”

“I grew up coming to these fireworks,” she said, “It’s just wonderful. It’s the beach. It’s the people. It’s Compo. There’s nothing like Compo.”

For some, the opportunity to get back to the fireworks is a real treat after having missed it for a few years.

“I’ve gone to camp all of these other years,” said 14-year old Lili Romann of Westport, “so this was always the one thing that I missed out on.”

“This is like the highlight of the summer,” she said.

Matthew Mandell, the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce president, agreed.

“There’s no better gathering in the town of Westport than the beach on the Fourth of July,” he said.