For artists, Westport trunk show 'about being with my community'

WESTPORT — It was not only an opportunity to sell and share art. For the members of the Artists Collective of Westport, the trunk show that took place Sunday was a chance to enjoy real in-person time with their fellows as well.

In partnership with The Westport Library, the collective hosted the show in the parking lot off Taylor Place at the bottom of Jesup Green. Dozens of painters, photographers, sculptors and more popped their cars open and set up creative display of their work for sale.

“This trunk show for me, it wasn’t about selling art,” said member Dolores R. Santoliquido of Brookfield. “It was about being with my community, and that’s the truth.”

Following the isolation of COVID, she said, these kinds of events are a much-needed rejuvenation.

“Artists in general are very social animals,” she said, adding that they build bonds that are reflected in their work. “Having these opportunities to be with your colleagues and friends makes a huge difference in literally the quality of your life.”

The show was held in conjunction with a two-part exhibit that will be on view at the library through Sept. 28 entitled “Community.” It features a 12-foot long, five-foot high art installation composed of combined work by 60 of the group’s members entitled “Piece by Piece.”

“I think it’s fantastic,” Phyllis Freeman of Westport said of the trunk show. “There are people coming and going and the artists are very relaxed and welcome all the attention.”

“And I’m seeing a lot of sales,” she noted.

One visitor, Jeff Hammer of Westport, was not only impressed with the quality of the work display, but noted how creatively and individually each artist had arranged it around their vehicle.

“I love the show,” he said. “It’s casual, informal and not crowded.”