A New Jersey-based company that rents what it calls "flexible" office space for periods of as little as three months has opened at 55 Greens Farms Road.

Symphony Workplaces signed a long-term lease on 18,000 square feet of fully furnished space at the office complex and offers work areas ranging from single offices and meeting rooms to suites that accommodate up to 20 workers.

Based in Morristown, N.J., the company said its typical clients are project teams, auditors and other professionals who need temporary space. Fully furnished workspaces include offices of various sizes, meeting rooms, training rooms and presentation rooms.

Although many of its tenants are short term, the company said its average tenancy is two-plus years.

Symphony Workplaces has two staff members on site in Westport who provide event and meeting-planning services, social-media marketing support, and assistance in going paperless, the company said.

The company has been in business in New Jersey for 26 years, according to a news release. It plans to open another location in Palm Beach, Fla., later this year.

Symphony Workplaces, 55 Greens Farms Road, Suite 200. Phone: 877-539-5100. www.ctworkplaces.com