WESTPORT — “It’s an amazingly hot day for a very cool festival,” summarized Jacqui Bidgood, events director for the Westport Downtown Merchants Association, which hosted the 46th annual Fine Arts Festival.

Saturday’s crowd may have been a little thinner, but the 175 artists displaying their work on and around a closed-off Main Street were still the recipients of appreciation, interest and — wherever possible — sales and commissions.

“Amazing artists from around the nation gather in Westport for art enthusiasts,” Bidgood said.

“This is always an exciting event,” said Matthew Mandell, Chamber of Commerce president. “It highlights Westport’s love of the arts and always bring lots of people into the community.”

All kinds of mediums were represented, with various performances of live music going as well downtown to boost the wide-reaching festival mood, which stretched to include the annual book sale at the Westport Library.

“I think that, despite the heat, there’s people out to see the art,” said Amy Kaplan, a local painter who also serves on Westport’s Representative Town Meeting for District 3.

“It’s always been a good show,” said Peyton Higgison, a painter from Brunswick, Maine, who has participated for the last 40 years. “I’ve made money here and I like the people,” he said.